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Wednesday, June 6, 2012  at 1:47 PM
    Advertising is the means used by business establishments to attract favorable attention to their products, property and services for sale or for rent. Advertising may also be used to promote ideas or projects. In itself, advertising is an important industry.

    Most advertising agencies employ trained men or women to work for them. These are people trained in subjects such as business management, economics, copy writing and so on. They decide not only how much money to spend but also where to spend it. They study features of their product or service or project and decide which will appeal to the public most. They also devise strategies to make the public aware of these features. Sales persons employed by business concern go from door to door making their product known to the masses.

    Communication media such as the radio, television, video, cable networks, Internet especially on social networking sites such as face book, Google+ and many others are also extensively used. The services of writers, illustrators, photographers, models, typographers, layout artists, actors, singers and announcers are used in a big way to create and display advertisements.

   Most advertisements are intended to sell specific products or services. However, advertising is also widely used for non - commercial purposes. Political parties, government agencies and social service organizations frequently resort to advertisement.

    Besides creating a desire to buy, advertising can also be an aid to the customer by helping him to find out whether the products or services he intends to buy are of a good value and whether they meet his desires. Advertising helps to win public confidence. It also creates goodwill and public awareness.

    Newspaper and magazines carry a lot of advertisements. Printed matter sent through the mail is also utilized. While choosing the medium of advertisement and how to advertise the advertiser considers which section of people in a society is likely to buy the product or service. He will consider factors such as age, habits, tastes. He will also consider the comparative costs. A local newspaper will not charge much for advertising. But a national magazine or the network television will charge exorbitant rates.

    The oldest form of advertising is probably the street cry - the shout of a merchant or hawker calling out his wares on a street. In many places street vendors still follow this method, often with each hawker having a distinct cry.

    When shops began appearing symbols were used to advertise products. For example, a shop selling dairy products might have a cow or buffalo painted on the signboard above. It is only with the arrival of the paper that advertising expanded in its utility and scope. Today Internet communications disseminate advertising information to nations all over the world.

What you people think about the advertisements? Morality included in it or not?
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