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Wednesday, December 28, 2011  at 12:09 AM
E-learning is an excellent form of supplementary education that can give you convenient access to information from all over the world
E-learning has evolved over the years, becoming increasingly accessible and gaining credibility as a learning medium.
The nature of the Internet and the people using it has changed. New users view work, learning and entertainment in novel ways. They simultaneously process various forms of information from multiple sources and expect instant reactions and feedback. As a result, 'learner-centered' or 'student-centered' devices are fast springing up in the field of education. This type of tutoring allows the student to be in control of his/ her own learning. Here, learning is characterized by greater independence for the user, as well as a stronger emphasis on active, revolutionized learning.
Experts say that E - Learning is the solution for a multigenerational, global, tech savvy audience in various organizations. However, the vital question that arises from this method is that whether the traditional teaching methods are effective. Yes, the traditional training methods are still very effective but the screenplay has changed. "E-learning is like any other training methodology.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is composed of several methods of learning, which are aided by technology. There is no single definition for the term. E-learning has been defined as 'the convergence of the web and learning on all levels' or 'the use of network technologies to create, foster, deliver, and facilitate learning, anytime and anywhere'.

Advantages of e-learning?

E-learning allows you to work at any place with an internet connection, at your own pace. It is a highly flexible and convenient method of learning. As e-classes are asynchronous, learners can study according to their daily commitments. Therefore, this is a feasible option for those that have other responsibilities. This form of learning also reduces transportation expenses and wastage of time. Users can also repeat the e-learning courses as often as they want, without additional cost. Other advantages of e-learning include the ability to communicate with peers all over the world, and greater diversity in learning due to multimedia tools.

A world of possibilities

Today, we're in the midst of an Educational Revolution. E-learning is fast transfiguring traditional modes of education worldwide.

The current crop of students is a refreshing change. Not only do they intern at various multinationals, but they also pursue their academic interests with equal enthusiasm. Students are no longer restricting themselves to traditional classroom learning and have taken to alternative means of gaining knowledge, including e-learning in a big way.

E-learning is changing the way students think and learn, and is opening up avenues that were once a distant dream. It also helps to pick and choose any time they want to learn as it is created for their time and pace.

In the end, the message is loud and clear. Traditional methods are out and classrooms are a past. 'E-learning' is the training buzzword and is here to stay for a long time to come.

The number of users benefiting from e-learning is burgeoning. So take control of your own education today!


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