[Essay] Problems of the elderly

Monday, August 31, 2009  at 5:59 PM

The elderly group in our country comprises of people who are plus 60 and fall into the category of senior citizens. They problems of the elderly remain senior citizen in age but junior in enjoying the facilities of old age. Many youngsters despise elders as they feel uncomfortable looking after them socially and financially.

old age is equal to dote age and old people experience another childhood. They have their idiosyncrasy, thought process and life pattern.

Till they are active and earning members, the members of the house appreciate their presence but the minute they become dependent on others the youngsters want to push them off to old age homes out of the house.

This is more prevalent in the west than in India. Elders look out for love, affection and tolerance. They are not interested in money. It is every adults dream that their son and daughter will look after them as they have looked after their wards in their childhood.

Youngsters have to rise to do their duty. They should look after their elders with pride. They should do it with joy instead of duty. Elders also have to adjust with youngsters. Both should work towards a united family.

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