[Essay] Generation Gap

Monday, August 3, 2009  at 5:26 PM

Generation gap means a difference of opinion between youngsters and elders.  It includes difference in tastes, attitudes, thinking manners and behavior of the members of the two generations.generation gap

In olden times children obediently followed what their parents told them to do. Today’s youth are more exposed and influenced by modern technology and life style. They are more independent, assertive and open. They don’t want anybody interfering with their lives or imposing their views on them.

On the other hand the elders have lived their lives and are set in their ideas and views. They too hate to be dedicated too or tossed around. The result is total disagreements among the two generations leading to intolerance, quarrels or even breaking up of the family.

This problem exists everywhere in the world and it has given rise to children staying away from their parents. In certain cases the problem gets out of hand and children are shown the door in the house or children go and deposit their old parents and grand parents in old age homes.

What is required is mutual respect and tolerance. Both youngsters and elders must respect each other’s individuality and not interfere with their way of living.

Youngsters should understand that parents are well wishers so they should show them respect and patience and imbibe what is good from them.

Elders should also give space to youngsters and change a bit with time. If there is mutual admiration and tolerance the generation gap issue would not exist.

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Post your comment on what you think about generation gap. Do you suffer from any such kind of problem in your family?? what you do to eradicate that problem???


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