[Essay] Discipline – a must for progress

Monday, August 3, 2009  at 6:26 PM

Discipline means following rules and regulations and obeying people with authority and experience. Discipline and freedom are contradictory. Discipline is required in all walks of life and in day to day life – office, homes, on the road, armed forces, social and political lifeself-discipline

Discipline  means conferring to certain  unwritten  laws of society so that the wheels of the society are kept moving without a hitch.

It does not mean encroaching on an individual’s freedom but it is the the delicate equilibrium between freedom and doing what’s good for others and for oneself. It has made man evolve from the savage stage to the modern evolved species.

Discipline is a must if the society has to progress. The strength of a nation lies in its discipline. It keeps the citizens united and strong. Discipline allow all activities to take place in proper fashion. If there is discipline on the roads then the traffic moves in an orderly way. Discipline in schools ensures proper studies. Discipline at home keeps the family together. Discipline in the government helps the country to progress because the statesman are committed to their work.

Discipline in work place ensures co-operation among the staff and the profits of the business increases. Without discipline progress slows down and life becomes insecure  and chaotic. Crime rates escalate and the nation remains backward. It is an anchor for our life, the stabilizing factor which gives us direction and adds meaning to our life.

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