[Essay] Should there be sex education in schools ?

Monday, July 13, 2009  at 10:46 PM
Sexuality is a very sensitive and subject and every government treads cautiously in talking about it or including it in the curriculum of school books. Children are however, exposed to a lot of sex and violence on television and in movies.

Some of them are brought up with misconceptions and they cultivate unhealthy attitude towards the subject.

There is an alarming spread of sex-related diseases like AIDS and many young men and women are becoming victims.

Most youngsters consider it as taboo to talk about sex with their peers or parents and prefer to get information from friends.

Parents also avoid discussing the topic but they would never stop from scolding their children unnecessarily if something went wrong.

Indecent literature and curiosity pave the way for wrong ideas and experiments with sex among youngsters.

Answer to children's curiosity about sex should be objectively given instead of ignoring the facts and bypassing the subject.

Children are becoming the victims of rape and indecent sexual overtures from people.

If a scientific and objective manner is employed to impart sex education it will make the youth more alert, aware and less vulnerable.

Sex Education imparted in a callous and wrong manner may have disastrous results and may lead to more amorous behaviour. Proper qualified teachers are required to treat this delicate subject with care.

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