[essay] Role of teacher in moulding a student's life

Monday, July 13, 2009  at 9:41 PM
Teachers takes the place of parents in a school, they guide and mould the character and personality of the student.

They influence the formative years of the students. A good teacher coaxes and helps a student to understand his abilities and become a better human being.

The children look up to their teachers so it is very easy to mould them to divert their attention to things which are constructive.

Students are going to be the future citizen of the country- so it is the duty of the teacher to harness their capabilities in making the future of country bright.

To be a role model a teacher should learn to appreciate studies themselves, then only can they make the students appreciate the importance of education and knowledge in their lives.

Unsure teachers only teach for money. They destroy the growth of students and cannot be role models. Teachers should not consider teaching to be a money spinning business. They should understand that they are in a noble profession and the growth and development of many lives depends on them.

If wrongly influenced the students turn out to have mob mentality but on other hand good teachers bring out the best in students. They help them decide their aim in life.

They help them to choose their profession and become successful in life. Students carry on the torch lit by their teachers and they follow the footsteps of their peers and they will leave behind their footsteps for others to follow


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