[Essay] Where there's a will, there's a way

Thursday, November 12, 2015  at 8:55 PM
The proverb means that we need a strong will and determined effort to overcome the seemingly insuperable obstacles in our way. It says that people with superior will and resolute determinations succeed where those with feeble will and wavering mind fail and falter.

History is full of examples of people of average intelligence and physical strength reaching great heights of power, prestige and popularity. Demosthenes , the Athenian , who finally became one of the greatest orators of all time was a weak voiced boy and a stammerer. But he was so determined to become a great orator that he overcome these physical handicaps with single-minded devotion, determination, dedications and, above all, with an iron will. This enabled him to realize his dream and fulfill his ambition of becoming a first rate orator of his time, nay of all time.

The history of India's struggle for freedom is full of striking examples of how people with strong iron will accomplished seemingly impossible tasks. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other great leaders aroused the sleeping masses of India to fight against the formidable power of British rulers and finally wrested freedom from their unwilling hands. They provided motive force behind their splendid achievements.

And see, what man has achieved in the modern time! At one time it was thought impossible to fly in the air, to orbit the earth, to travel in space, to send speech over the air to transmit photos to distant places. But today we find that such imppossible dreams have come true. The aeroplane, the spaceship, the radio and the TV are realities already.

Great souls have will, feeble ones have only wishes

This Chinese proverb aptly sums up the truth of this proverb Let us cultivate a strong will, a keen mental desire and determination to achieve our ideals. Let us remember the well-known verse

Standing at the foot, boys, gazing at the sky; How can you get up, boys, If you never try?