[Essay] Are we happier than our forefathers

Saturday, January 30, 2010  at 6:27 PM

         Today’s generation enjoys the fruits of science and technology. they have a better standard of living because of increase in per capita income. Today there are two incomes in the family – mother’s and are we happy father’s. There is more education, more material comfort like TV, internet, i-pods, mobile phones and speedy means of transportation. However, when we compare our lives with the childhood and youth of our grand fathers we find that on the whole they had better lives than ours. They had time on their hands and lived a less hectic pace.

       Modern youth is a victim of time and fame. The idea of material acquisition has led conflicts in society. It has led to alienation of the family and loneliness in life. People  are ready to sacrifice health and happiness in order to pursue material happiness.

     Our forefather’s had time for picnics, to be with nature. They gave importance to practical education, spent time with nature built strong bonds in society, had time for the family.

    Life was not mechanical for them. Many ladies did not study much but they were not superstitious or backward. they led peaceful lives happily with their pots, pans and children. They managed the house within their means and civilization still progressed. The modern men and women live on the edge. They are not able to cope with problems. Though they have received education, it does not make them better human beings. They are not able to adjust themselves with changing times. They have no quality time to spend with their children and families.

     Family values are dwindling and depression and shallowness have crept into people. There was never the fear of evils like terrorism which has crept into our lives. We wish we could bring back our forefather’s  peace and security in the present times.

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