[essay] The pleasures of walking

Tuesday, August 11, 2009  at 3:57 PM

Walking is an excellent exercise. It keeps one healthy and fit in minpleasure of walkingd and body. A good walking companion is enjoyable company as one can walk and converse at the same time. It helps to socialize and exercise at the same time.

Walking help us to organize our thoughts, plan the day, cool down one’s temper and settle disturbed emotions.

People with more fat need to walk and burn calories so that their body remains in shape. However, walking to school is no fun as there is weight of school bag and books. Morning walks are the best. One is able to get pure air for breathing. A morning walk helps us to do positive thinking. It helps us to get more energy and proper blood circulation. Walking after meals helps us to digest food.

Walks on beaches, in parks, on the hills and in open meadows are invigorating. Walking brings us close to nature. It provide us with the require amount of oxygen.

Walking has to be done with special technique. One needs to walk with proper shoes and as far as possible one should walk on ground instead of concrete. Walking should be a sacred and special routine.

Walking parks are the need of the day. They add to the natural beauty of the city and look after the health of the people. The government needs to increase the walking parks so that people get into the habit of walking. In the days of hectic work schedule-twenty-four-seven, walking is the only pleasure one should not avoid in indulging.

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Post your comment on what you think about walking?? Do you know that walking is the best exercise?? How many of you go for a regular walk?? ….. well i do… let us also what you do or think??


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